Update **Breaking News Regarding Rx-Writer
and recent versions of iOS. After extensive research we have found no problems with compatibility of either iOS 8 or 9. We have traced the crashing that a small number of clinicians have experienced to having multiple accounts with identical usernames and sometimes password. Whenever you create a new account we create a unique key that will reside as part of your keychain for that patient file. Since we default name your patient file to username.db, if you have several files with the same username.db and the same password they each would have a unique key embedded into the de-crypt process of opening the file. If you ever got the files confused (moving to a new device and used the correct username + Password+ incorrect unique identifier) the system would get 2 pieces of info but stop the de-crypt process and fail. Granted we never even thought of this use case and we need to handle this exception with better error handling and we plan to do so in a future release. We have had great success in just resetting your password and solving this issue for most clinicians experiencing this issue. You will need to contact us 813-649-9300 to start that process. Because of HIPAA and the nature of the data we will need to authenticate your account. The process although simple will take 24-48 hours to complete on our end and about 3-5 minutes on your end. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.
Team NovusRx

It is with a heavy heart that we, NovusRx, are announcing that we have made the difficult decision to wind down the company NovusRx, the makers of Rx-Writer. Our main Fax service provider moved us to another system without proper notification, breaking our fax tracking system. We tried to work with them, but they then dropped support for the API we used to accomplish our faxing through their systems. This would have required re-writing a significant amount of code at considerable cost.

NovusRx and Rx-Writer have been a labor of love for many years. In 20+ years in software, it is the best product I have ever helped bring to market, but it has never been popular enough to be financially successful. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing the product, or the intellectual property of Rx-Writer please contact us at 813-649-9300. We know the market well, and it is the best user interface/functionality out there. Thanks you for your interest, time, and support.
Regards, NovusRx

Rx-Writer for iPad and iPhone

What your colleagues are saying:
“Can't say enough about how great this app is. Using it for over a month: saves so much time! Love having a patient's script Hx at my fingertips when out of the office. Can make informed decisions about meds no matter where I am. (e.g. Why Mrs. Smith, a one month supply of Xanax was sent to your pharmacy 10 days ago. How could you be out already?) You can tell immediately that this app was developed by a physician because it is so physician friendly and intuitive. Developer has responded promptly and thoroughly to questions. Has already incorporated multiple user suggested fine tuning changes that made an awesome app even more awesome… You won't regret subscribing to this service.” -by Atlanta Psych MD

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Our mission at NovusRx is to use our combined years of clinical medical practice and our computer expertise to support physician and non-physician prescribers. We do not say that lightly. When we started NovusRx, our most important goals were to reduce prescription errors and increase prescriber efficiency. By providing a faster and more productive way for you to prescribe medications, by offering effective support for your questions, and by constantly developing improvements to Rx-Writer, we continue to strive towards our goals and help you accomplish your own.
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