NovusRx, LLC - Faxes and Emails

NovusRx has chosen to partner with MyFax, the world's leader in network faxing technology. Your free Rx-Writer account includes 30 free faxes that you may use over 60 days from the date of your account registration. Please see for yourself at our expense just how quickly and easily Rx-Writer faxes and emails your prescriptions in your current practice and for your current patients. Our doctors have found that Rx-Writer provides them with valuable data at the point of care and significantly cuts the time they spend prescribing to their own patients.

You may choose to email your Rxs to a person or workstation in your office for printing and handing to your patients. You may prefer to print your Rxs and have your staff fax them to pharmacies using your existing fax equipment.

Our doctors prefer to fax directly from Rx-Writer to pharmacies and to send a copy to an office computer for archiving all prescriptions and to put a copy into our current paper charts. Rx-Writer is flexible and will fit the majority of current medical practices and current clinical workflow patterns. Please see what works best for you in your current practice.

Most Economical: The most economical route is to print your prescriptions with your office computer for immediate printing using an iOS compatible printer. Emailing of prescriptions is built into Rx-Writer. However, email may not be secure unless the source and destination are contained entirely within firewall protected systems.

Economy Fax Solution -- MyFax: You may already have a MyFax account or may choose to establish a new MyFax account. Rx-Writer allows you to enter your MyFax account settings into your Rx-Writer Preferences so you may pay MyFax directly for whatever faxing you choose to do.

Easiest and Most Convenient -- Rx-Writer's Integrated Faxing: You may choose to buy prepaid fax packages directly from our website. Please let us know if you are interested in establishing automatic billing whenever your prepaid faxes become low. This will insure that direct faxing from your iPad will not be interrupted while you are busy caring for your patients. Rx-Writer groups up to 4 Rxs per fax page. Twelve Rxs for one patient requires 3 fax pages. Depending on your prescription volume, your 30 free faxes will yield between 30 and 120 Rxs. If you ever decide that you no longer desire prepaid faxing, NovusRx will refund the value of whatever faxes you choose to "return." We have really come to love using Rx-Writer in our practice. We trust that you will appreciate Rx-Writer just as we do. We greatly value any suggestions you may have for improving Rx-Writer because it will help our own medical practice and we appreciate learning from our colleagues.

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