About NovusRx

A Company Founded Through Research
NovusRx delivers a unique breakthrough solution in the practice of medicine and the management of prescriptions. We believe first and foremost in the importance of clinical workflow. Incorporating over 125 accumulated years of experience, our prescription management solution has a proven track record of increasing productivity by integrating
into existing workflow, rather than working against it. We do this by managing the prescription process in a manner that provides precise and accurate information to the prescriber, the pharmacist, and staff in a way that adds value to the process. We set a goal to save a busy clinician 30-60 minutes every day, which can add up to three to six additional weeks per year.

NovusRx began as a concept that quickly evolved into much more. When computers first started to become smaller, faster, and more reliable, it inspired us to think about creating a tool for the management of prescription drug therapies. However, the tools and platforms of the time were just not up to the task. Over the years the technology has improved exponentially and with the shipment of the first Apple iPad, we received the technology needed to deliver truly elegant, productive, and innovative mobile solutions to assist in prescription management.

NovusRx was born
Prescription management and the writing of prescriptions has not changed much in the last 800 years. Today, the most common form is still paper based. Physicians either write their prescriptions manually or they review and sign them after their staff attends to the task. It takes far too much time away from seeing patients. Worse yet, some physicians are forced to use an eprescribing solution that forces them to stop interacting with the patient and type archaic, non essential information into a computer system that actually takes more time than writing an Rx by hand. This economically harmful practice provides little or no value to the physician or patient and the quality of care suffers. The NovusRx prescription management solution, Rx-Writer, was created to model these practices into a way the software should operate by drawing from this experience and standard clinical workflow practices used by physicians. This way the physician is not learning a new software system, and it is intuitively connected with how the physician and clinician were trained. To accomplish this we needed new technology, new platforms, a new user interface, and a new attitude. An attitude that reflected the idea of software that is so intuitive you wouldn’t need a manual, training, or an IT staff to manage it. It would be simple and elegant, with benefits so apparent that its value would be unquestionable. Rx-Writer is the result of this experience and research and has enabled us to offer what we believe is the strongest prescription management solution on the market with the best price and performance. Period.

The Rx-Writer Prescription Management solution integrates into your standard clinical workflow and works the way you work. The system features a proven and tested clinical prescription methodology that enables physicians to realize truly revolutionary time saving practices in the way that prescriptions are written, managed, and distributed in any clinical setting. We set a design goal of saving a busy clinician 60 minutes a day! Our users confirm that we have succeeded!

Focused On Your Success
The hot topic today is EHR, EMR, and HIE. (Electronic Health Record, Electronic Medical Record, and Health Information Exchanges.) Physicians, especially within small private practices, are being forced to retire, go out of business, or sell out to larger practice groups. They cannot handle the burden of these large, complex, and expensive systems that add little to no value to the care they provide patients every day. They are replete with processes that contribute nothing to the mission of providing an increased quality of care. We believe there is a better way. Focus on the systems and tools that add value to the process of clinician. Respect the proven process and save them time. This is how better care and better outcomes are achieved. NovusRx’s technology and methodology were founded with one basic premise – rather than create a system and then teach people how to use the system — create a system that works the way physicians and clinicians work in the real world
and design the technology for what it is primarily used for: tracking a bevy of complex data, and turning it into useful information! We have accomplished this through personalized workflow, individual prescription management, and tracking data that can control prescription accuracy and prove useful when caring for patients. Imagine always having 50% of every patient’s chart in your hands. Imagine never having to try to decipher a hand written note on the med list and never having to ask, "What was the start date of that increase in dosage?" again. We want to change the way the world prescribes medicine, and save lives in the process!

We’re on to something – and our mission is to listen to our customers, constantly enhance our products, and improve clinical workflow. We want to be your solution for prescription management, tracking, and delivery in your practice by delivering safety, accuracy, and improved productivity along the way – the NovusRx way.

NovusRx, LLC
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