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Is Rx-Writer HIPAA compliant?

Rx-Writer uses strong HIPAA compliant encryption technology and all confidential patient data is encrypted. No additional measures are requred for HIPAA compliance. Additional security measures are built into iOS including the options to: set an additional password to gain access to all iOS features, automatically erase all data remotely, and erase all data after 10 failed attempts to log in. NovusRx reccomends that you consult your iOS owners manual and follow Apple's directions for setting all additional security measures.

Can I sync my data between multiple iOS devices?

Yes, the syncing of data between multiple iOS devices currently requires iTunes to export data and then import into another iOS device. More information on this process can be found here: Transferring Data Between Devices

Why should I use Rx-Writer over a competitive eprescription writing product?

Rx-Writer is designed by a group of practicing physicians and experienced software developers. Rx-Writer features:

    Purposeful Design Designed collaboratively with the physician and pharmacist in mind, instead of the bottom line.
    Eliminates the Need for Excess Training While other products have steep learning curves, Rx-Writer integrates into current workflow and is easy to learn and use.
    Efficient and Fast Other products are inefficient and stall workflow while taking the physician down multiple avenues to gain information. Rx-Writer is fast, simple, and intuitive, taking you where you need to go with one touch of your fingertip.
    Saves Time and Money Sometimes it takes a physician longer to write a prescription on other products than it does by hand. Rx-Writer saves a tremendous amount of time and money, cutting 30-60 minutes out of writing prescriptions a day, leaving you with more time to see patients and improve the quality of care.
    Rare Features Rx-Writer lets you see your patients' medication histories at a quick glance, anywhere and any time, features rarely offered by other products.
    Affordable Rx-Writer is affordable in comparison with other products, with a subscription rate of only $199.00 per year.

What platforms does Rx-Writer run on?

Currently Rx-Writer installs and runs on all Apple iPads, iPad 2s, iPhones, and iPod Touches. An Android version will be a future release.

If I use an iPod Touch or Wifi only iPad will I be able to fax, print, or email?

The capability to fax, print, or email is standard on all devices that can run Rx-Writer. The only requirement is an active internet connection.

How do I install Rx-Writer?

Rx-Writer is located on the Apple App Store. Open the App Store on your iOS device, in the search field enter: "Rx-Writer", select the application, and select to download it for free. You will then be prompted for your Apple Account password. Once entered, Rx-Writer will download to your device.

Can a list of pharmacies be imported directly into Rx-Writer?

The current version does not allow electronic imports of pharmacy data. This feature should appear in the next version to be released and will allow the electronic import of pharmacy data from a standard CSV file. CSV is the most common format for exchanging information between computer applications. Typically entering a very small amount of pharmacies is all that is required for the majority of prescriptions written and some Rx-Writer users have office staff enter pharmacy data.

Can a list of patients be imported directly into Rx-Writer?

Rx-Writer allows the electronic import of patient data from a standard CSV file. CSV is the most common format for exchanging information between computer applications.

Is Rx-Writer Medicare compliant for eprescribing incentive programs?

Currently, Rx-Writer is not compliant. NovusRx fully appreciates the importance of Medicare eRx compliance and is aggressively working towards that goal.

What do I do if I lose my password?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to recover a lost password. NovusRx reccomends that you pick a user name and a password that you will rermember and write them down for storage in a secure place.

Does NovusRx or anyone else have access to the data I enter?

To insure your security, by default NovusRx does not have access to your data unless you specifically and actively choose to share anonymized data for analysis. In the future, users that choose to share their anonymized data will be able to compare their data to pooled group data. The sharing of anonymized data is HIPAA compliant and is valuable to see how your prescription patterns compare to others.

Are there any specific requirements needed to run Rx-Writer?

An iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and an active internet connection.

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