Physician Using Rx-Writer in Clinic
Why Subscribe?

With an investment of $199.00 per year, you will be up and running e-prescribing. If you are not fully functional within 10 minutes, call us! Take advantage of our concierge service to help you achieve full functionality quickly and easily.

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Priority Support
Have a question or problem? You'll be sent to the front of the queue for faster support responses.
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No Patient Limit
A paid version of Rx-Writer allows for an unlimited number of patients allowing you to expand your usage of Rx-Writer to your entire clinical practice.
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Free FDA Database Updates
Rx-Writer subscribers gain access to every update to the FDA medication database ensuring that their patients always have the most up to date care.
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The average user of Rx-Writer saves 30-60 minutes every day writing prescriptions. How much is your time worth?
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aaaa*Additional costs apply: Faxing Policy
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